Our Story

Our Vision

To become a world leader in providing customer and enterprise products based on 5G smart and intelligent connectivity

Our Mission

To connect people and machines with 5G technology.  Through the different smart and intelligent connectivity solutions offered by 5G, people and machines can connect using enhanced mobile broadband services, massive IoT, machine type communications, vehicle to vehicle (V2X) communications, sideline communications, small cell, private networks, ultra-reliable communications, and much more connected services.

Smart connectivity will foster economic opportunities through high-speed internet access with support for rich multimedia services.

We are building customers and enterprises products and solutions which enable 5G smart connections and deliver Internet and connectivity access to each mile on planet earth whether in urban or rural areas.

5G Core services

5G HUB founders and team are mostly consisting of post-graduate electrical and computer engineers with extensive and long experience in cellular and mobile networks that covers 3G, 4G, and 5G networks. We help our customers and enterprises with new products that implement 5G smart connectivity, architect 5G solutions, training on 5G core network, performance analysis and tunning of 5G core network elements and services, analysis of 5G IP (intellectual properties) and patents, field testing and trials for 5G services, and training for 5G new radio, RAN, and core network.

5G Consulting

5G and modern wireless systems are quite complicated. We realize that each piece in this technology require deep knowledge and experience in subject. Working closely with our customer, we provide reliable and top-niche consulting and advising service delivered by our full-time engineers and seasoned experts.

With the wireless and cellular technology evolving every passing day, the telecommunication engineering is speedily progressing as well. Much we may try to remain oblivious to the apparent reality, but mobile and smart connectivity are the core of a progressive economy with the 5G as a recent breakthrough in the telecommunication industry. And it’s deemed as the ideal time to explore and discern this advanced, momentous technology. 5G HUB was envisioned to accommodate this very purpose; bridge the gap between the users to embrace this development!

5G HUB is an emerging manufacturer of LTE and IoT cellular modules, kits, and hardware development boards. Cellular modules covers 4G and 5G technology. 5G HUB also manufactures GNSS receivers and sensor boards. Our hardware boards are compatible with Arduino and Raspberry PI. While we manufacture these cellular technology, we strive to provide a comprehensive archive for 5G new features, products, education, and awareness. 5G HUB aspires to provide turnkey solutions encompassing the new features and capability that comes with 5G such as cellular connectivity and speed, IoT, machine type communications, and extensive information about 5G technology. It’s the hub of reliably and responsibly stored 5G products and content. We strives to embody all aspects and particulars of the 5G technology; be it technical or non-technical products and information, latest news or development, or market trends― it covers most exhaustively!