“IoT Connector” is our  Cloud-based web application for IoT and GNSS dvices. Through the use of Google map and Geo-location tracking information, alerts, and reports, you can track all your IoT devices in one dashboard.

You can add Geo-fencing which alerts the user when the IoT device enters or leave a Geo-location area. User can be also alerted when the device is idle and not moving for a period of time.

A user can add many devise to his subscription and manage them all from one and single dashboard. Whether the IoT is attached to a car, truck,  at your home, or to a pet or child, all of them can be tracked and visualized in through the IoT Connector Cloud-app

Whether devices are used for smart home, smart transportation, smart city, smart utility, or smart plants, with fewer mouse clicks, the application will bring insights and analytics about them on fingertips.

IoT Connector includes MQTT based secure cloud software and system where all of IoT devices get connected and transmit/receive information and instructions and save it to some database.