BME680 Environmental Sensor


The BME680 environmental sensor board is a compact board that provides all environmental sensing. It provides temperature, humidity, pressure, and VOC gas. The board is based on BME680 environmental sensor module. BME680 is a sensor that integrates high-linearity and high-accuracy gas, pressure, humidity, and temperature sensors with low power consumption. The BME680 has optimized consumption, long-term stability, and high EMC robustness. To measure air quality for personal wellbeing the gas sensor within the BME680 can detect a broad range of gases such as volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Weight 0.25 kg



  • Environmental sensing for temperature, humidity, pressure, gas in a single module
  • Detect a broad range of gases including Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) from paints, lacquers, paint strippers, cleaning supplies, furnishing, office equipment, glues, adhesives, and alcohol
  • Low power consumption, high resolution, and optimized filter performance
  • Supports I2C and SPI interface
  • Supports QWIIC interface for I2C
  • Supports Pressure: 300…1100 hPa
  • Support Humidity 0…100%
  • Support Temperature: -40…85°C
  • Pressure sensing at high accuracy of +/- 0.12hPa (Equivalent to +/-1 m difference in altitude)
  • Humidity sensor accuracy of ± 3 % relative humidity

Typical Applications

  • Personal air quality tracker
  • Air quality mapping
  • Air quality inside cars & public transport
  • Enhanced context awareness
  • Accurate step & calorie tracker
  • Quick GPS-fix & improved navigation
  • Indicator of too high / low humidity
  • Air quality & well-being indicator
  • Sleep / recovery tracker
  • Weather forecast & trend
  • Stair counter
  • Floor level detection
  • Home automation and control (e.g HVAC)
  • Altitude tracking and calories expenditures for sports activities
  • Internet of things


BME680 Envirnomental Sensor Manual

Arduino software can be downloaded from the following website:
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